The client for this interior remodeling project is a provider of sound equipment and interactive technology, as well as organiser of music events. This park pavilion was to serve a wide range of uses: Video presentation room with panorama projectors and surround sound, audio and interactive technology showroom, venue for concerts during festivals in the surrounding park and daily offices for the company. All housed in a small pavilion located in New Hongiao Central Park in Shanghai Changning district. The design is based on the need to accommodate the different needs of the programme as well as articulation of the main use: music, sound and experience. By bringing materials and techniques from the world of music, the interior aims to echoe this theme, providing a relaxed, studio-like environment.

The main elements of the interior are divided into active and passive. The active are speakers, projectors, screens and moveable furniture, providing the main audiovisual experience. The textile membrane ceiling, perforated wooden walls and sound-absorbing bookshelves provide the architectural and acoustic support to the technical elements.

Pavilion exterior

view of the park and surrounding corporate style office buildings

passive elements

active elements

Plan and section when used for video presentations


view from entrance


interior main view