I was invited to work for Liangdian (亮点) Design Center (LDDC) in Beijing to develop interior concepts for the exhibition spaces, design shop, showroom, meeting rooms as well as their own office space. The building is an old office building near Dongsishitiao inside the second ring road and the new owners aim to establish it Beijing's first design center providing office space as well as public exhibition and showroom spaces throughout the building. I acted as consultant for the general interior (materials, details) after the building architect was phased out.

The designs included modular public furniture for the main lobby, exhibition podiums and a curatorial concept for the opening exhibition. The curatorial concept, which was extended to the permanent public spaces, was to highlight materials in design through the Chinese concept of Wu Xing or Five Elements: Wood, Metal, Earth, Water and Fire. To each public or shared space is assigned one element, presented in a form relevant to its programme. For example, wood is assigned to the double-height glass box facing the street, and its permanent feature is a simple wood module to be used as seating and space divider.

For the office space, the concept was to provide large tables to be shared by most of the staff complemented by more intimate spaces for discussion and contemplation. For this purpose I designed a range of site-specific furniture as well as a new façade window layout.

But as construction of the building finished, the clients decided to find other exhibitors for the opening. The office and public furniture are currently on hold.



Main lobby space



2nd floor exhibition space



3rd floor showroom space

4th floor meeting rooms





Ground floor main exhibition space


Design shop

LDDC Office interior