Scenography for Paper Tiger

I have completed a scenography project for Paper Tiger Theater Studio in Beijing. The play/performance is called 狼奔豕突 or 'Raging Wolfs Crashing Boars' in English. It's based on a new script for the stage by Paper Tiger's artistic director Tian Gebing, which is then performed by a number of dancers/performers, in a form that tries to break down the borders between dance and theatre. The play tries to mock the contemporary middle class soap opera life and constant earn for status. At the same time it pays homage to this city; its strong characters and vague ideals. The design for the stage is based around the concept of light being the only material visible on stage apart from the performers. I worked closely with the director to develop various forms of objects with integrated lights that the performers could use in their movements as a form of prop. At the same time the do not play the traditional role of props as they do not represent any objects mentioned in the script, but rather they act as an extension of the performers' bodies. In some cases they become the only source of light and in some cases they are supplemented by stage lighting.

Team: Max Gerthel, Sid Gulinck, Hu Wei





DSC_6552 DSC_6578