Serge Onnen at Black Sesame


June 27th, 2014, 5-9 pm

I am very happy to invite you to the opening of Black Sesame, a new project space for art, design and sensory experiences located in the courtyard at Heizhima hutong 13. IFP has teamed up with visual anthropology studio Here & Now and furniture concept WAM/万物 to transform the former boiler room into an open-ended space dedicated to exploring the limitations and possibilities of our human senses. Offering itself as a spatial platform for creativity open to IFP residents and the local community, Black Sesame will be a venue for high-quality projects, interventions and workshops.

For this opening event Dutch/French artist Serge Onnen will create a site-specific installation which invites visitors to explore the different characters of his animation film project Cloacinae. With the help of personal, hand-held light sources the shadow puppets will come alive and inhabit the white screen dividing the installation space in two. During the evening there will also be live music and Swedish traditional midsummer drinks and snacks.

Serge Onnen was resident at IFP in 2012 to explore Chinese shadow puppet theatre and work with puppet makers. This lead to a series performances (CAFA, Three Shadow Gallery, Zajia, Paper Tiger Studio) and collaborations with several musicians. This year he is back for a shorter period to work on animation using this more then 1000 year old chinese art form that could be seen as the earliest form of projected moving images. This will be the first animation ever made using this primitive media. Cloacinae is a 12 minute long movie about a unfortunate 1 cent coin that ends up in the sewer. The movie will be scored by musician Li Daiguo and will premiere at Rotterdam film festival 2015. For this exhibition Onnen will show all the puppets he has made so far in China. A zeotrope, another primitive pre-cinematographic device plays a important part in the movie and will also be shown and spinning during this one night event.

More info on Serge and the film: