Myspace, future archive

In order to find how well Google treats my new site, I just googled myself. To my pleasant surprise, it turned up as No 1. Olé! Strange, though, was that as No 4 in search turnout list was an old blog post I made on Myspace ages ago. The title of the post was listed in google's search (doesn't google own myspace btw?) and so suddenly I found myself on myspace for the first time in at least one year, to find that they have restyled the entire site. It looks good, the only problem is that the first time I entered the site my VPN was set to Hong Kong, so now all text is in traditional Chinese characters. Even after restarting Firefox and setting my IP to Vancouver, I'm still getting the Hong Kong site. They still have some things to figure out...

Anyway, below is my last post on myspace. The setting: Early January 2008. I'm in Paris finishing the internship at Edouard François and preparing for my trip to China. Let's just say one thing: Rien, je ne regrette rien...

It feels better afterwards

Paris is a city of stone. A white, wrinkly old face that doesn't turn to see if you're alright. Everywhere I go I see blankets covering the souls that also found out that city is made of stone. And that so are the hearts of the people living here.

Yet I always seem to be coming back. I get hypnotized by its beauty and elegance, its contrasts and decadence. Finding words for this ambivalence is beyond my writing capacity and, as I struggle to imagine a different means of expression the city and its stories flow through me. Inspiration comes swiftly, inflating me with images and formulas, but the expiration is weightless, like a fart. So far I am formulating ideas that I know I won't, but still hope to realise. Now I can only live and hope that this tree I am watering will one day bare fruit.

Working with every bit of my own production for two months last summer left me no clue to my capabilities. Is there anything more than self criticism to be found in a retrospect? My life is currently dedicated to the thought that all this input, my designing my destiny is going to result in a new language to speak my mind. New perspectives on old territories and virgin projections on the most extatic world.

Will all of this give me what I want?

Springy feel

There is an air of spring in Beijing. The wind washing against my Northern skin as I rumble down the streets on my old noname bike has been reasonably temperate so far this week. Today, stopping at a red light by the northeast third ring road I saw the sun reflected in the green-tinted window of a large 90's midrise and thought: Ah! There's nothing like getting uplifted by a imposing piece of infrastructure like this. In a few months, I will join the crowds of men with exposed bellies and women with ditto heals. Ah! Spring will soon be here and I'll be able to wear my active-carbon-nano-particle-filter mask without my face getting all wet and gooey inside from the condensation. I so wished I had brought a camera to capture that moment. Instead I'll share a photo from the summer of 2008. Like most Beijing summers, it was a painstakingly sticky and humid one.

Notes on the wall - figuratively

berlin-former_potsdamer_platz-1982 Welcome to my blog. It will be my personal notepad, hopefully a useful scrapbook where I map my thoughts on architecture and life. In that order. My previous blog followed my arrival and stay in Beijing in 2008, this one is thought to take a broader perspective. And I will be writing in a language which is not my mother tongue, so please overlook the linguistic shortcomings.