The cold Danish winter


Too many options cluster on my doorstep. The menu of life contains exotic delicacies as well as fast food and familiar home made stews, and as usual, it is impossible to choose. What would this taste like? Ah, I know this dish, but I don't know if they make it well here... This one looks appealing, but expensive and seemingly only for an exclusive clientele. Could I be a part of that? or is it better to stick with the well-known...

As Ellen Allien is whispering through my speakers, a trembling sense of unease settles on my shoulders. So many things to finish before tomorrow. This endless retrospect called portfolio is consuming my precious hours. I couldn't even call them precious anymore as they constantly slip through my fingers without a sound. My mind is sometimes so fast that something I do can become rejected before it has become substantial enough to give feedback. It is a dangerous game, and I am losing to my own worst enemy: me.

Fine. Let's cut the cryptics and get back to reality. In order to keep one option alive I have to finish this retrospective tonight without being too sentimental. Superficiality is the motto as time is of the essence. And there are bigger challenges to come.