The Table

It's been more than one year in the making. Perhaps not one year in the process, but I started sketching on it late 2009, then went for a long break before the design was finally settled a few weeks before christmas. And we also had it delivered on christmas eve, but the lacquer had barely dried and apart from having thumb marks and dents all over, I got a headache from the fumes after a few minutes, so it was immediately sent back. This time the finish is still not up to my normal standards but I guess we'll have to find a real carpenter to build the next one. Anyhow, now we have a workspace worth mentioning. And tomorrow it will be wired up so we can plug our chargers in the small compartment in the centre while only letting one single "tail" supply the us with all the power needed. The design comes from a long line of studies of different strategies and shapes. Already last year when the apartment was under construction I felt that this narrow space needed something organic to break it into smaller pockets and defy its sense of depth. It started with a few triangular designs but in the end I had to find a balance between using length of the room and making it more efficiently used. The shape of the top is made by a freeform spline, and I used grasshopper to provide measurements for the base.

Seating 7-8 people, I hope it will also be big enough for our daily agglomerations of computers, books, speakers, notebooks, napkin holders, wallets, mobiles and random electronic devices. Measuring roughly 200x118 cm, it should be enough for two.

Apart from it being very functional with its little compartment inside the top, I enjoy the table's sculptural qualities,

If you are interested in the table or another customized one, contact me.