A collaboration with Elias Lindhoff and Tobias Röös in Beijing, summer 2008.

Initially, we wanted to document a very poor enclave of migrant workers and prostitutes, commonly refered to as The Criminal Village, situated at the edge of the the central business district (CBD). As we tried to enter the area, we were stopped by policemen stationed at all entry/exit points. Curious to find out more about what was going on inside, we encircled in the course of two weeks, trying to figure out what they wanted to keep us from seeing. The project became a game of looking for clues, documenting the local community surrounding the closed area.

The second part is a bicycle journey through Beijing, connecting the poor enclave of powerless floating population with Zhongnanhai, the highly surveyed compound in the centre of Beijing, housing China's political elite.

The two forbidden cities thus refer to these two opposing places and their shared status of surveillance.


This project was exhibited in Kunstakademiets Arkitektskoles bibliotek 2009 and during NOTCH09 festival in Beijing.


Exhibition in Copenhagen 2009