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In 2017 I was approached by a gallery owner who runs Final, a commercial gallery in Malmö and Fabriken, a large art space in Österlen, the rural area of Skåne that attracts cultural workers and people in the arts from all over Sweden. Now he had bought the former train station in Falsterbo, South of Malmö, which for three decades used to be the local public art space run by the Vellinge municipality. The plan from the new owners was to transform this dormant but wealthy southeastern tip of Sweden into the new place to go for hi-class art experiences in the region.

The new design opens up more of the building to the public by introducing a new staircase which brings visitors to the second floor. This staircase, with its light steel profile and oak bookshelf underneath also becomes the identity of the new Falsterbo Konsthall, a private institution which has kept the name of the former, public one. The main focus has been on creating a good flow and generous conditions for the art to be shown, in a variety of different kinds of rooms, all with a sense of serenity and focus. Total exhibition space is only about 130 sqm but because of the distribution over two floors and several rooms, the impression is a much bigger space.

The built proposal was presented in november of 2017 and after two rounds of building permit submissions, renovation started in January 2019. The gallery opened in July 2019 with some parts of the building still unfinished. The third floor will be turned into a small apartment for artists-in-residence and a café will move into one part of the ground floor, making use of the outdoor seating area with ample evening sunlight.

FalsterboKonsthall plan 1.jpg
FalsterboKonsthall plan 2.jpg
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