Max Gerthel  photo by  Miriam Preis

Max Gerthel

photo by Miriam Preis

Max Gerthel Studio is an multidisciplinary design studio engaged in architecture, installations, furniture and industrial design. Through speculative research projects and art installations, the practice takes a critical stance in the production of new objects: Rather than simply adding to the already diverse landscape of things surrounding and serving us, our projects aim at initiating discussion and reflection mediated by the object. The artistic focus is on creating and supporting relevant relationships: Generic/Specific, Inside/Outside, New/Old, Public/Private.

Objects are a medium of communication: they speak about the intentions of their creator, but also project the values and status of their owner. So, while the process of design is has to be pragmatic and inclusive, one of the most important components –desire – still operates in a realm outside of logic and reason. Our projects aim to evoke desire through notions such as contrast, contradiction and surprise. 

Max Gerthel an architect, designer and curator working in the fields of art, architecture and design. Originally from Malmö, Sweden, he graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture in Copenhagen in 2010 and moved to settle in Beijing the same year.  Since 2013 he is Program Director of Institute For Provocation, a workspace and research platform for artists and architects based in Beijing. IFP hosts artist residencies, research projects, workshops and public events such as lectures, film screenings and artist talks. Previous experiences include Spatial Practice, MAD Architects and Edouard François. He has also taught at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, Tsinghua University, Academy of Art & Design, and CAFA IFC in Beijing.

As of December 2016, Max Gerthel Studio has relocated to Malmö, Sweden.

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