Omega 1

Ω (Omega)


In the darkest room of the courtyard I hung a Chinese fish trap made from bamboo.
The fish trap resembles the letter Ω.
Ω is the last letter in the Greek Cyrillic alphabet.
Omega-3 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid common in fish.

Fish are caught by hooks, nets or fish traps.
The fish trap is a double-wall net structure designed so that the fish can find their way in but not their way out.
A spotlight shines through its thin members, creating a perfect shadow, a drawing on the wall.
As the wind flows through the gaps of the old house like water running in the stream the drawing becomes alive and the fish is trapped.


Ω (Omega) is a spatial installation for "The Aliens of Courtyard 23", a group exhibition/collective installation in a run-down courtyard in Baitasi. It uses a handmade bamboo fish trap and an LED spotlight to create a shadow on the wall of the small room, which has otherwise been left untouched.

The project was a part of Beijing Design Week 2015.

More info about the exhibiton here.