The inspiration for this lampshade came from a installation by a Chinese sculptor using discarded steel pipes that were pressed and welded at both ends, forcing the tubular material into a new, soft shape. This transformation or “bending” from 3D to 2D enables the material to become both stronger and weaker at the same time. It also turns the stiff, rigid tube into an object that leans and hangs with simplicity and elegance. The Taube lamp is a translation of that process, emphasizing the forces at play when a material is shaped into a new form. 

Taube has been developed into a complete lighting series: Pendant, table/desk lamp, reading lamp, bedside lamp and floor/flood light with sizes ranging from small and intimate to large and generous. The range can be even further developed, including outdoor lighting and more sizes added. The preferred light source is a built-in LED chip but in order to simplify the design a standard E27 socket could be used. The diffuser would be made from frosted polycarbonate or acrylic.